Lessig On Copyright

This weekend, I attended a great seminar on Visual Literacy given by Breen O'Reilly, the IB Film educator from the International School of Beijing. I'll share some of the great stuff we covered this weekend in the next few days, but I wanted to post this video he just sent:

Note: If the image of Jesus singing "I will survive" in a diaper just before getting hit by a bus is offensive to you, maybe stop about halfway through or just skip to the end. Just saying. The end however, is where Lessig makes his most salient point-

We live life against the law, ordinary people live against the law. That is what we are doing to our kids, they know they are living against the law. That realization is extraordinarily corrosive, extraordinarily corrupting, and in a democracy we ought to do better.

I've mentioned a couple key articles on copyright issues before, including Lessig's piece In Defense of Piracy and Jonathan Letham's The Ecstasy of Influence. Both authors make excellent points regarding the difficulties of copyright law both historically and currently as it relates to creativity.


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