Creating Film Festivals

Yesterday and today I had the great honor of co-presenting three workshops here at EARCOS with Breen O'Reilly, IB Film and video production teacher at the International School of Beijing.  Breen's name was mentioned to me even before we got to asia as a key person to contact in the development and implementation of a a film program.   Since then, I've had the opportunity to attend a few of his workshops, visit his classroom, and now co-present with him.   Yesterday, Breen led a discussion on Media Literacy, and how to help students read and analyze film. Following that, we hosted a 'job alike' session for film teachers (and teachers who wanted to use film and video in their classroom) during which we talked about various tools and projects. 

Today, I led a discussion on Creating Film Festivals.  For this presentation, I used Prezi- which is sort of a cross between a mind-mapping program (like Inspiration) and any given presentation software (like Keynote or Powerpoint).  Its a great tool if you have trouble organizing your thoughts in a linear fashion (like  yours truly).   You can put all your ideas into the presentation in whatever order they come to you- and then create a path to help transform your cluttered  ideas into a linear arrangement.   

Prezi is one of my new favorite web tools.  Its easy, its slick, and it combines organization and presentation into one easy application. 

I also introduced our new network for student film festival creators, developed towards two goals- helping new student film festivals organize and get off the ground, and helping create connections between festivals.  Currently, we're working towards an Asia regional film festival -but festivals from all over the world are welcome to join.  


  1. Frank said...
    Hey David,
    I finally managed to view your presentation last night as I was on holiday and the internet connection there was poor.
    It looks great! Very informative even with only text.
    You look like you have some good resources available to you there.

    I know what you mean about Prezi. I like it too. I am also doing one in a few weeks. Do people sometimes get motion sickness from it? I will be using it and am considering screencasting it also.
    Good job!
    dsgran said...
    Thanks Frank! No one said they got motion sick, although a couple people threw up their hands simultaneously like they were on a roller-coaster.

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