Hi everyone, this is Bethany again, thought I’d check in…

In my classroom, we have been working on linoleum block printing after completing an intaglio unit. As teachers, you all probably know that teaching something is the best way to learn it, and this was my first experience with relief printing. I must say that I love it! What a cool way to play with color, line, texture and composition. For subject matter, we had the students crop a 6”x12” (or smaller) section of their best figure drawing using tracing paper. We assigned them to make 5 prints with at least 2 layers of color on each. However, many students have gone above and beyond. It has been so gratifying to watch the wheels in their heads turn and their prints develop into sophisticated artwork. I myself have been working on an edition which I just completed yesterday. It made me a little sad, almost like finishing a good book. All I’m left with are wounded fingers and a soggy, carved up piece of linoleum…and the prints of course.

For my schoolwork, I have have been working on a digital story for my Educational Technology class. The assignment was to make a 2-4 minute movie on imovie somehow academically related to my field. Luckily my field is art, so I had a lot of freedom! I’ve always wanted to illustrate a children’s story so I decided to go in that direction. This beautiful music video by Oren Lavie for his song, Her Morning Elegance gave me the idea to use stop motion photography. For the storyline, somehow I started thinking about the menacing pink slime that comes out of the bath in ghost busters…creepy! It was fun to channel my inner little boy and come up with gross ideas for why a kid would not want to get in the bath. I would love to do a stop motion photography unit sometime with my class, but I now know that it is very time consuming!

Here is my movie, Bath Time.

Here is another great interactive link that covers facial expressions, it is a free art lesson on drawing the face from the Academy of Art University. Click on the Expressions link, but they are all great.

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  1. Frank said...
    Well congrats on your unit and film!
    I am also doing lino work at the moment with my grade 7s. Would love to see yours.

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