Old Sloppy Brush

On Wednesday I had to throw away 7 brushes because the foundations art students hadn't cleaned up properly and I'll admit it- I was sort of annoyed. They're a great group and we'd already had more talks about clean up than I thought was necessary. I guess I was wrong. So today, I welcomed my 9th-12th graders with my warmest kindergarten teacher smile - a technique I had learned in earnest from two years of teaching technology at the elementary level. I told them we needed to take time out of our fun fun painting today to cover watch an important video lesson.

Then we watched Tricia Fugelstad's Young Sloppy Brush:

It seemed to be a good way to deal with the issue in class. They all got a big kick out of the work that Tricia and her students had done- and got the message that they were behaving a bit like elementary school students. At least, I think they got the message...

...if not, we're all learning the "Young Sloppy Brush" song as part of their final exam.

Thanks Tricia & Dryden students!


  1. Redwing said...

    I wonder, could you have used them in a project? The art teacher at my school has one of those glass display cabinets and this month the project being shown is paintings on paint brushes.

    I'll take a picture today and send it to you on email. Some of the work is amazing.

    Last year the kids did people's faces where half the frame was a photo and the other half was a pencil drawing.
    Tricia said...
    Too Funny!
    I have the lyrics if you need them.
    But lets hope they've learned their lesson:)
    dsgran said...
    RW- That's a good idea! I threw them out in a bit of a huff, but that's exactly what I should have done. Would love to see the work in your school, it sounds great.

    Tricia- Thanks! I think they got the message :)
    Imp3 said...
    haha thats a good way to get a point across

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