In the last few weeks, Ning has been blocked by China, wreaking havoc on my class' online presence at Student Filmmakers and THE LENS.  However, the gates seem to have lowered, and for now there's a clear path through the Middle Kingdom' s Great Firewall.  Ning is back, as is the Huffington Post, and a few other sites.  

I took this lowering of the guard to check out Frank Curkovic's Art Inspired Wiki.  Until now, I've been prevented from seeing this hugely useful resource of ideas for art lessons.  I say 'hugely useful' with a self satisfied grin since many of his resources were found here (sharing is what its all about), but Frank's wiki organizes it all in an easy to navigate manner.   Also be sure to check out his similarly brilliant blog, Learning IT.  


  1. shebaduhkitty said...
    NINGS are still blocked at our school too but I am working on getting them unblocked. This group might help, since I teach digital video arts to 8th graders. I applied to be part of the group.
    Frank said...
    I am humbled and touched. Thanks for the post. I am also constantly praising your blog to students and teachers here in Japan (and Canada) too. Thanks again.
    dsgran said...
    @Sheba- just accepted your membership. Welcome to the group!

    @Frank- thank you for everything- really do love the blog.

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