Red Noses

The "Stressless Shrink", my friend Dr. Joel Schwartz was our middle school's visiting author last week.  I've known Joel forever, he's good friends with my parents and I read all his books when I was in middle school (grab a used copy of Upchuck Summer from Amazon), so it was a real treat to have him here.  

Joel's message to our stressed students was simple: find humor in your lives.  To help them do that, all the students received red noses.    Here's a video that Jonathan Chambers created out of his presentation to SAS Pudong students:

For more information on helping students through humor, check out his new book, Noses are Red.


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    Olman Feelyus said...
    Is your principal the real life version of Ben Kingsley's character in Sexy Beast!?
    dsgran said...
    Mr. Feelyus- hmm. I'm not sure,I don't think I've seen that film- but he's not my principal, he's the principal of the middle school on our other campus.

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