Arts in Motion

Arts in Motion is our recent excitement at Taipei American School. It was a collaboration between music, art, and dance as well as with art students from one of the top local Taiwanese high schools. Our students from the Art Honor Society organized it (with help, of course) and put together an amazing display of artistic talent. The fashion show was quite a challenge (we had a full length runway)... the best part is that it was all run by students: 22 models, 6 designers, 6 live camera operators, and one amazing student DJ. We also mounted two art exhibits, one by our AP students and the other by the Taiwanese school.

This was a great way to promote the arts in one venue, create dialogue, and visually make a case for having the arts in school! If anyone is interested in running an "Arts in Motion" in your school, feel free to contact me. I'm happy to provide info about how to run it and modify it to your space. reyesc@tas.edu.tw


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