Although this is only tangentially related to art education (at least in the classroom), I absolutely love this post by The Busy Mockingbird.  She is apparently experiencing the same frustration that I am about 'drawing time' with our respective daughters.   

When we sit down to draw and paint, I have my sketchbook and Amaya has hers.  Its not that I don't want to work together with her, but I do want her to develop a sense of ownership of her work. I'm also haunted by the golden rule of art teaching: THOU SHALT NOT TOUCH THY STUDENTS' ART.  

Ok, well maybe that's not the golden rule.  For me the golden rule is just "MAKE ART", but let's say its like a 'silver level' rule with a few others. 

Amaya isn't big on rules.  I understand that this is something that may be fairly common for three year olds.  I also understand that she may have inherited this trait from me.  Amaya is always asking me to draw on her page when she 'can't' do something, or draw in my sketchbook just because its another surface to manipulate.
I don't share well.
And of course, the other piece of it is that it's my sketchbook.  Mine.  I share everything with my daughters.  They can even play with my old star wars toys.  Everyone has to draw a line somewhere though, right?

So what does the Busy Mockingbird do?  After she draws some faces in her sketchbook, she hands it over to her daughter to give it some context. These collaborations are pretty incredible, and now I'm looking to my own daughter to add some much needed enthusiasm and new life to my own sketchbook!

Hat tip to Nancy Walkup for the link! 


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