Wow. Here are some free open source programs that could fill an entire digital media curriculum (or two)!

1. Blender
An open source program for 3D modeling and animating. Available for Mac, Linux, and PC. Its complicated. Luckily there are tutorials.

A real-time editing system that has animation and music production capabilities. This program is reported to be a little buggy, but its still in its alpha phase... and its free.

A frame-by-frame video retouching paint program. Wow. I wonder if this would be good for rotoscoping? We'll find out!

Gimp is like a free version of photoshop.

With the exception of Gimp, I haven't checked out these programs for myself yet; however, this find was too exciting to sit on. I'll post reviews my own reviews later, but if you have your own, feel free to leave them!

(Links via the Maine Media Arts Project)


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