Listen Up

Often times, the art room is a great place for noise. Sometimes its interesting discussions, passionate debate, or music that gets the creative juices going.

Now with podcasts being all the rage, why not adopt this new fad to fit your classroom needs? For example. Studio 360 is a great show from Public Radio International that focuses on current issues and trends in art and culture.

And speaking of public radio, National Public Radio has posted three great audio files on multicultural comics: Egyptian Superheros, an Indian Spider Man, and a Half Pueto Rican, Half Mexican Spider Girl.

More NPR comic audio files for your listening pleasure:
An Appreciation of Comic Book Artist Will Eisner
Art Spiegelman: In The Shadow of No Towers
Spiegelman on Maus
Grown Up Graphic Novels

Maurice Sendak: Author/Illustrator
Brad Bird: The Man Behind The Incredibles
Leila Kubba: Iraqi-American Artist
Matt Groening: Creator of The Simpsons
Steve Schneider: Animation Historian on Looney Tunes
Chuck Jones: Warner Brothers Animator

The Smithsonian Institute has a Listening Station that has short interviews with artists, curators, and collectors - some of which may be very relevant to your lessons.

Hook up some good speakers to your computer or ipod and crank up some good learnin'.


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