Pure Garbage

San Francisco Recycling and Disposal might seem like an odd place to establish an artist-in-residency program. However, they have been running just such a program for the last 15 years. Artists are invited to use materials and workspace provided by the Solid Waste Transfer Center, and talk to the public about their art. What makes this residency special (aside from the obvious) is that its goal is to inspire people to conserve and recycle. If you live in or around San Francisco, you can arrange a visit with your students. If you do not, the website is a great resource for images, artist statements and information about recycled art. Perfect for a lesson that involves conservation or recycling.

One of the former artists in residence is Rick Carpenter, who has this to say about his philosophy of art:

The best of recycling is just that - taking already used materials and making an entirely new and serviceable product. That new product, especially if it is art, will change the new user just as the original object helped form the user.

Art, like recycling, is revolutionary.

Rick, we couldn't agree more.

Artwork at top of post, left to right by: Rick Carpenter, Mark Faigenbaum, and David Hinman.


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