As the president adds fuel to the fire over the teaching of 'Intelligent Design' in the classroom, the reaction from people who believe that perhaps science should be taught in a science classroom grows as well. One such response was the open letter to the Kansas School Board that we mentioned last month. Pastafarianism- the movement that has sprung up around this letter and its advocacy for teaching about "The Flying Spaghetti Monster" in addition to any other religious incursions into the classroom has gained much momentum. Stories have appeared in the Baltimore Sun, The Guardian Online, and the Chicago Sun Times, to name a few.

For my own little contribution to the cause, I've set up two cafepress shops with the designs above, done in the tradition of the Obey campaigns (and more recently used in a similar manner with Charles Darwin). All proceeds will be donated to the National Center for Science Education, an organization that provides resources for school communities in defending the teaching of evolution in public schools. Click on your preferred version of the design to order.


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