The Quick and the Dead

Try as I might to stay away from overloading the revolution with the animation links, its hard to do when you've got two major motion picture claymation features...

First is Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride. Three years in the making, and a nice follow-up to his Nightmare Before Christmas. Here is an informative article about Corpse Bride behind the scenes: Bride Stripped Bare.

The second is the feature debut of Wallace and Gromit, five years in the making, The Curse of the Warerabbit. Fun for the whole family. There is a great behind-the-scenes multimedia presentation at The New York Times website. This one you might want to check out now if you don't have a subscription to check out their archive.

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  1. Lantzvillager said...
    Thanks for the article on The Corpse Bride. Haven't seen it yet - I hear it's not as good as NBC

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