The Making of Dragon

I'm probably invoking some sort of dark prophecy, or bringing about the end of the world by posting about a Super Bowl ad, but this might just be worth the risk.

Dragon is an amazing stop-animation created for United Airlines. Not only can you watch the commercial here, but you can watch a "making of" video - a great resource if you are covering stop motion animation in your class.

*This post does not constitute an endorsement of United Airlines, any of its subsidiaries, planes, or the capacity for flight in general.


  1. Olman Feelyus said...
    Holy Karst, what's next, google ads on your blog!? :)

    That is a really beautiful animation, but what hideous content! That ad suggesting that the capitalist corporate lacky is actually some kind of chivalrous knight saving the forest is about as sick as it gets.
    dsgran said...
    Yes, I know, I don't like to shill for the man, but it is a great animation!

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