The Case of Peter Panse

Although this blog has focused on practical innovation in the art room, the case of Peter Panse calls for an exception. According to the Art Renewal website, this art teacher has been put on suspension from his job and may be fired for suggesting that the students participate in a figure drawing study.

From the article:
Just to be clear about the charges in this case, it is worth mentioning what Mr. Panse is not being accused of.

He is not being accused of recommending that these students attend these classes without parental permission or without proper supervision and chaperones.

He is not even being accused of carrying out any figure drawing courses, only of recommending them and proposing that he offer such a course.

Nobody is accusing him of forcing anyone to go to these sessions and indeed, neither the four students who attended the sessions last summer nor their parents have any complaints at all about the experience.

Nobody is claiming that anything unsavory was going on in any of these figure drawing sessions, involving Mr. Panse, Academy instructors, his students, the models, other artists, or anyone else.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find some useful links, including an online petition.

You can also write letters of complaint to the school board at this address:

Middletown School District Board of Education
223 Wisner Avenue
Middletown, NY 10940.

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  1. Olman Feelyus said...
    That just seems utterly insane. Is there any other press on it, to at least get a sense of what the other side's position is? I mean he didn't even actually hold the class, just mentioned it!

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