Tilt-Shift Photography

Here's a neat little photoshop trick. Take an ordinary photo of a landscape, add photoshop, mix well, bake at 250, let stand for an hour, and viola! You have a Tilt-Shift Fake miniature Photo! Your landscapes will look like they are actually tiny models.

Here are more examples from Flickr.

Probably not enough here for a big art project, but it might be a fun 'do now' while the students are learning about the different functions of Photoshop.

Here's an interesting article on the proliferation of Tilt-Shift photography from Columbia News Service.


  1. Jarrett said...
    do people come out looking like the thunderbirds, or david and goliath?

    that would be cool.

    Is Photoshop 7 after or before CS?
    dsgran said...
    There are a few pictures on the flickr site with people. They look like little dolls.

    Photoshop 8 is before CS.

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