As I mentioned in the first Animationpalooza post, Don Hertzfeld and Mike Judge's Animation Show is an excellent resource for innovative, fun, short animations to show your students. The Animation Show is hosted by these two little little fuzzballs, who give a very inaccurate yet funny introduction and definition of animation. I use them to introduce my unit on animation (and correct them in their definition with the help of the students):

That little clip mashes all of their "Animation Show" appearances together- better to buy the DVD for your classroom. You won't regret it.

And so it turns out that Hertzfeld's "Rejected" is available on the web, through You Tube. Be warned, this is not for all age levels. Use your discretion.

Rejected, as well as Hertzfeld's other short animations are available here.

The original Animation Show included Tim Burton's early masterpiece, "Vincent". However, it was not included on the DVD due to some legal issues which I can't recall. However, you can view it here:

Vincent is available on the Nightmare Before Christmas DVD.

"Wallace and Gromit" creator Nick Park's popular BBC series "Creature Comforts" began with this popular short:

You can purchase the DVD here, as well as the series that followed.

Disclaimer: Although I am just discovering the magic of YouTube, it seems to me that videos posted there are done so without the artist or company's consent. To my knowledge, the videos above are not available online elsewhere except for purchase on DVD. If you like these videos, and plan to use them in your classroom, please support the artists and purchase them.


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