Cute and Disturbing

I was having a conversation with another art teacher the other day about students who only want to draw cartoons. Having taught a class in cartooning and animation, it wasn't ever such a problem for me. Instead, the issue was getting them to a point where they're willing to explore their own cartoon style instead of just imitating their favorite anime. Here are some artists who do some serious cartoon artwork. I think your cartoon-lovin' kids will dig them as much as I do.

Luke Chueh

Luke Chueh's art is disturbingly cute- emphasis on the disturbing. This is certainly not an artist to share with elementary school students, and I'd even be selective about the ones that I shared with the High School students. However, he captures a sense of 'passively disturbing' in a way I've never quite seen before.

Esao Andrews

Speaking of disturbing, check out Esao Andrews' haunting paintings of beautiful women, disturbingly happy creatures, and hauntingly beautiful women with disturbingly happy creatures.

Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto's work explores themes of nature vs. Technology, and themes of life and death. Pretty heavy stuff considering how colorful and happy his world looks.

The Chung

David Chung's art is both....ah... disturbing... and, um... cute. Well, you get the picture.


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