The offerings for free and open source software for your multimedia classroom just keeps getting bigger and better. Here at the revolution, we've blogged about programs like gimp and cinepaint. Here are some more programs you might want to take a look at:

Bryce 5, the powerful 3D animation and landscaping program is now available for free for the next few days at Download.com. Unfortunatly, its not compatible with Tiger for Mac. Guess you have to purchase Brice 5.5 for that. However, it looks like its smooth sailing for windows users. Grab this quickly, its only being offered for the low price of... nothing... until September 13th.

You'll need to act quicker for a free copy of Poser. According to the website, its only available until midnight tonight, although they've already extended the deadline once due to high demand. In fact, their server must be overwhelmed because I can't even get to the download page. Maybe you'll have better luck.

Of course, on the other hand, there's the always free open-source program Blender 3D in its latest incarnation Version 2.42.

Finally, on the video editing front, Avid has released Avid Free DV, a free Non-Linear Editor, and a paired down version of their professional version. More bad news for mac users though - its a little buggy on the mac. This is not too much of a loss though, imovie is a more streamlined program for your basic NLE needs.


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