Flowers are Red, Young Man.

I was browsing Luke Chueh's website today, and noticed his new banner. I couldn't help thinking of the teacher in the Harry Chapin song, "Flowers Are Red":

Flowers are red young man
green leaves are green
there is no need to see
flowers any other way
than the way they always have been seen.

Or John Ruskin's famous quote about the work of James MacNeil Whistler:

I have seen, and heard, much of Cockney impudence before now; but never expected to hear a coxcomb ask two hundred guineas for flinging a pot of paint in the public's face.

Some days it strikes me as comical to see the narrow ideas of yesterday reflected in the same narrow ideas of today. Most days I think it probably just makes our job harder.

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  1. Morgan said...
    "if everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking."

    -Benjamin Franklin

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