The Structure of Man

Ever feel like taking the day off and sitting your kids down in front of YouTube for a class period? Come on... admit it.

Well, just be careful, because now you might get what you wished for - computers teaching out children! Artist Riven Phoenix has posted 178 (yes folks, you heard me right one hundred and seventy eight) video tutotials online on how to draw the human figure from your mind. I've posted the first one below for your viewing pleasure; to see the next 177, please check out his website, The Structure of Man.

Once you've made it through all of his videos (have a good year, see you in 2008), you can also check out his online videos on the figure sketching process, gesture drawing, realistic rendering, and follow his creative process in The Rise of Frankenstein.

Don't worry, its not too late to save our jobs, the machines aren't in control yet. Just be safe though, you might want to just assign this for homework!

Hat tip to one of my favorite artists- Jaques Bredy, for pointing this one out to me. Thanks, Jaques!


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