Originally, this post was going to be only about this neat little web-based animation toy called Pictaps, which allows you to draw a character and then make it dance. A fun little tool for a young grade (or an older grade that can handle some serious silliness).
However, it is also worth checking out the website of Pictaps designer, Masayuki Kido. There is not much to see or do there yet (besides mush up his face - try clicking and dragging him), however, it is a wonderful example of interactive design. Also be sure to check out Missing Link in the digital toys section (the only one there so far). Its a toy, its artwork, its even kind of a story. I've never really seen anything quite like it. Kido's website makes me wish I knew a great deal more about how to go about making interactive art online.


  1. Judy said...
    Hi David,

    I would not use the site with kids... there are some "naughty" pictures on the site.

    I did LOVE your dancing carrot. Art Ed list folks had some fun playing around on the site too.

    dsgran said...
    That's a good point, and unfortunate. I suppose since its open for anyone to use, you will get a fair share of inappropriate material as well. Its a shame that you can't use it without risking that stuff popping up.

    I just used this program with my kindergarten class, and I had the 'painting mode' on when they came in. They spent most of the period drawing themselves, and only a few got to watch themselves dance. However, if I'd thought about it at the time, it would be better to simply post their work to a seperate website when they finish, so there is no chance that they'll see the 'naughty bits'.

    When it plays on a different website (like my dancing carrot), it just loops the specific animation.

    Food for thought! Thanks for the input.

    Glad the list enjoyed it!

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