The Trip is the Destination

One thing that I miss about living in New York (believe it or not) is the subway system. Its not the smell, or the oppressive heat, but rather the public art. The New York Times has an interesting article on art in the subway.

The great thing about taking students to see public art is that it reinforces the idea that art really is for everybody. Museums are wonderful, but they also by their very nature, put distance between the art and the audience. Museums suggest that there is a place for art - but of course, art is everywhere.

This quote, by director of Arts for Transit Sandra Bloodworth, really hits the nail on the head about public art, but is also an excellent arguement for advancing the arts in education:

“The end goal is how we make this a better station for the public,” she said. “When you introduce art into this environment, the message is, ‘Somebody cares about this place’ ” — and, by extension, the people who use it.

The trip is the destination and the medium is the message.


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