Another Option for Video

Short post today, the Tech Fest is keeping me pretty busy.

ZS4 is another open source video option. Its not straightforward like Final Cut, or simple like Imovie. It doesn't have a pretty interface like Jahshaka. What it offers in its place, apparently, is more freedom.

I say "apparently" because I had a bit of trouble getting into this program, and I have a bit of experience with video. However, that being said, I've had a few students over the years for whom I think this program would be perfect. These are the ones who think outside the box about finding technical solutions. The ones who make videos out of video games, or build mp3 players out of altoids cans.

The website makes the advantages and disadvantages quite clear:

-choice over clarity.
-uniqueness over "standard".
-chaos over order.
-flexibility over simplicity.

Without intuitive controls, ZS4 is probably not the perfect (free) answer to your video editing needs. However, sacrificing ease of use for more freedom makes this seem like a great program for students who can really engage in the mechanics of video editing.


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