Shift Happens

I was introduced to this video in a technology meeting earlier this year, and just recently found it again online. Shift Happens was created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod, and combines a number of various statistics to paint an interesting picture. If you haven't seen this yet, have a look:

Check Spelling

This is the part that resonates with me as an art teacher:

The Top 10 jobs that will be in demand in 2010 didn't exist in 2004.
We are currently preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist
Using technologies that haven't yet been invented
In order to solve problems that we don't even know are problems yet.

The video also quotes a prediction that in less than 20 years, a $1000 computer will have greater processing power than the human brain. I immediately recall some of the points that Dan Pink raises in A Whole New Mind, because that $1000 computer still won't be able to think outside the box*.

*The $1400 'Mac Ibox', however, will.


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