52 Comic Challenges

The great thing about 52 Comic Challenges is that if you're teaching comics or cartooning, you've got 52 great exercises (or homework assignments) for your students. Be patient though, you only get one a week.

For example, here's Challenge 3 (which is my favorite so far):

Homework for Artists and Writers:
Pick a song that has lyrics and a strong visual motif and illustrate a portion of it in a 1-2 page comic, (don’t rush it! You may find that it takes two pages just to do the chorus), using the lyrics as your word balloons and narration. Try to capture the tone and feel of the instrumental portions of the song as well.

Extra Credit:

How many elements of the song can you work into your comic? Can you represent what you hear, visually, without distracting from the story telling aspect of your comic? For instance, do you see a guitar player in your comic where the guitar solo falls?

They'll also link to your submissions once their finished, so you can see how others approached the same assignment. These could be great projects as well for those of you using Comic Life.

Link via Drawn!


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