Learning 2.0 Sunday

Today is our final day, and so far the conference really couldn't have come off better. People who didn't know who Alan November was when they got here are shoving their way into standing-room only sessions with him. Last night we had dinner with our keynote speakers, and Kim and I had a great conversation with Chris Smith about Second Life as well as real life living in Chang Mai in Thailand. Pictured above is our conference steering committee - we're wearing our building hats to communicate the idea that we hope that through this conference we've built something new. You can't hear it, but the "Bob the Builder" theme song is playing (hum along if you know it).

9:00 AM
3D Graphics and Animation
by Brian Lockwood

Brian took the conference map of Concordia, laid it out in photoshop, imported it into Google Sketchup, extruded the edges to create a 3D diagram. Google Sketchup also has an animating feature, so that you can animate the camera moving through your model.

Google Sketchup allows you to do a 'light study' - which shows how light will fall on your model.

Booleans- the intersection of objects. Can be subtractive or additive.

Possible project- integrate 3D projects with a set design class or drama club.

Electric Image- good 3D program for students, not very expensive.

Istopmotion - easy stop motion animation program for students. Can be used for kindergarten.

Last Un-conference Session - I met with a group of enthusiastic video and digital media educators about putting together a Shanghai Student Film Festival, and perhaps expanding it next year to an East Asian Student Film Festival in a collaboration between schools. We also discussed the possibility of an online festival.

After Imovie: When and Why to Take Your Video to the Next Level
By: David Gran

This was the title of my own session, and after racing up from the impromptu meeting about our proposed film festivals, I started my session out of breath and heart pounding from a little too much coffee. My head was indeed spinning from all of the information this weekend, and I think I got a little lost trying to integrate some new ideas from great speakers like Jamie McKenzie and Alan November. However, I pulled it together and I think we all had a good conversation about video education. There were some great questions asked about teaching ethics through video. Since I didn't take my own notes, you can check out the conference page for my session and see the notes that others took. I didn't get through everything I wanted to, but planning was never my strong suit.

I mentioned yesterday that we got a lot of good footage from our opening session from our keynote speakers and posted them on YouTube. You can find all of them here . Here's what Alan November had to say:

Last notes:

The conference was a huge success. Many of our keynote speakers wanted to know if they could look forward to coming back to Shanghai next year, or would we be moving cities? We had a short wrap-up with the steering committee to evaluate and agree to get together soon to think about our next move. Right now though, its time to relax.


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