Papercraft 2.0

I've just spent the last hour avoiding other work, and creating these little paper critters from this page that Amy posted on Art Ed 2.0. Did I say avoiding other work? I meant exploring the intersection between pop-culture craft and web 2.0 technologies.

...and that is a pretty unique intersection. Paper Critters not only allows you to design and build your own small boxy monster- it allows you to share it with others. In true 2.0 fashion, you can embed your critter in your blog or website, or comment on others. However, in true papercraft 1.0 fashion- you can also print it out, glue it up, and have a real 3D critter of your own.

You wouldn't think that there would be too much intersection between the world of paper craft and the world of web 2.0, and yet, this is the second time I've posted about it. If you haven't checked out this great way of using Pepakura and Sketch-Up together, its worth a look.


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