Rotoscoping On My Mind...

We'll be starting our Rotoscoping unit soon (I'm in the middle of planning a collaborative project. Interested? Stay tuned...) and so I've been looking for some new examples to show my class.

I usually show a clip from Waking Life, or Ah Ha's video for Take on Me. However, Grass Roots Art in Action recently posted this great rotoscoping video from youtube on Art Ed 2.0, entitled Once Upon a Time in the Woods:

Woods is a beautiful example, and I've found a few more- Drawn with Lines:

and Snack and Drink, a short rotoscoped documentary about an autistic teenager:

When I first introduced this project, I worried that Rotoscoping was too much 'tracing' and not enough authentic art making. However, my students resolved those fears pretty quickly through their variety of unique approaches. Taking a look at these videos, it is easy to see just how much creative interpretation and skill goes into putting these pieces together.


  1. Kris said...
    rotoscoping? collaboration? I'm intrigued. and willing.
    kris fontes

    tell me about your process...
    dsgran said...
    great kris! I sent you a message on art ed 2.0 with a little more info. I'll be posting about this project hopefully early next week!
    vigoureux artiste said...
    Try this music video, You got me up, of Jamie Lidell.. Oddly entertaining..

    Link to you got me up music video by Jamie Lidell

    More samples here:
    LazyMovie - Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying
    Jason Welker said...
    David, after our conversation last night I thought I'd check in with your blog, it's been a while. Man, as we were talking about rotoscoping, I pictured pretty much what it was, but these videos are amazing! I had no idea the versatility of this technology. Please keep me updated as our students begin making their first clips, I'd love to track their progress!
    dsgran said...
    Thanks Jason! Will do. I'll soon post the video that we did in New York. The students there did a great job with that project.

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