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When a bunch of tech geeks get together to, I don't know, plan a Learning 2.008 conference, you can bet that you'll be bombarded with all kinds of swell ideas and find out about all the latest gadgets and useful tools. I don't know how he does it, but Michael Lambert of Concordia International School in Shanghai is always digging up the coolest stuff on the web to use with his students. Well, I just got back from our monthly meeting, and I immediately began playing around with Pencil - a fantastic open source traditional animation program.

With Pencil, you can sketch out your idea in a bitmap layer, and then create a frame by frame animation in the vector layer. As a 'traditional' animation program, it doesn't do tweens- just frame by frame, but if that's what you need (and you do need this), it is an extremely powerful and useful tool. Its also extremely free.

Thanks Mike!


  1. Tristan (트리스탄) said...
    I heard alot about Concordia while I was living in Shanghai.

    The "Pencil" is exactly what someone like me needs. Is the program easy enough to use?
    Click Here To See It said...
    So are you part of the revolution?
    meed said...
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    Macha said...
    Looks interesting and I've never heard of it! I shall try it out.

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