The Comic Book Project

Comic Books get a bum rap in the United States. The words immediately conjure images of disproportionate people in primary colored tights. Fair enough, that's what defined comics for many years. However, as Scott McCloud has often pointed out, that limited view ignores the great possibilities in the merging literature and visual art.

Enter The Comic Book Project:

The Comic Book Project engages children in a creative process leading to literacy reinforcement, social awareness, and character development, then publishes and distributes their work for other children in the community to use as learning and motivational tools.

Run out of Teachers College, The Comic Book Project looks like a phenomenal project which taps the potential of this medium by engaging students in a process that carries them through inspiration to publication. The project provides students with a new topic to write comic books about each year. Every comic submitted is included on their website, and a select few are given publication.


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    Dee Ann said...
    Thanks so much for the information on
    The Comic Book Project. A very innovative way to support literacy. I enjoyed your blog and look forward to visiting again.

    Dee Ann at
    John said...
    Thanks for the heads up on this project! I think comics are highly underrated as a way to get kids reading and writing.

    In our homeschool effort, we have allowed our kids to do history and science projects in the form of comics and it's been very successful as a way for them to organize thoughts and express what they've learned.

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