Student artist Lindsey writes in to suggest My Art Space as an interesting alternative to Deviant Art . I'll get to that in a second. First I want to point out her cool her student blog is, as an example of students publishing their work online, and using that format as a way to discuss their process, as well as feelings and intentions about their work and assignments. I especially like this intaglio print called Owl Dreams. Thanks Lindsey!

Back on topic:

Like Deviant Art, My Art Space is a social networking site for artists.  As Lindsey points out it is a little 'classier', and the contributers there do, as a group seem to take their artwork more seriously. Another feature that is very cool: you can create galleries of your work, and allow people to either download them or embed them as slideshows. Browsing the site, I quickly found the stunning paintings of David Carmack Lewis:

Its worth checking out some of his other galleries as well.

One of the reasons that My Art Space has that "classier" feel than Deviant Art (besides the title) is that members can 'flag' inappropriate work - so it has that element of a community policing itself, like a wiki. It would seem for classroom use, that this would be a good alternative to Deviant Art.

There are some drawbacks too- it doesn't seem to have the same level of participation as on Deviant Art, which makes sense considering the smaller community. In a way its the same sort of quandary, I think, between posting student videos to Youtube or TeacherTube. On Youtube, the obvious advantage is the possible quantity of exposure, on Teacher Tube, you don't have to worry so much about inappropriate comments on student work.

The other drawback of My Art Space is that the galleries default to play music. You can shut it off, but I'd prefer if you had the option to turn it on. I find that pretty annoying- but that might just be me; I have a pet peeve about sounds on websites. Not sure why.

At any rate, both provide a variety of resources and experiences for posting art online, and I find it incredibly exciting that students have found the motivation and confidence to put their work 'out there'.

Speaking of which, a former student of mine, known on Deviant Art as "Aean Nephquarielle" is using the site in a very creative way- to publish her own online comic book, Conquering Gods in weekly installments.

Here's the synopsis:

Set in a futuristic Egyptian colony of an imperialistic Britain, interplanetary religious wars play far in the background of young Ichor Bielladonia's life as she is raised by a reknown professor of archeology and his wife after he had discovered her as an abandoned infant sealed in an ancient temple underneath the Nile. However, it is becoming more and more evident that Ichor possesses incredible strength, speed, and telekinetic powers. Star-struck at her own abilities, she becomes a vigilante, forcing beings even more powerful out of their hiding among the British officers and the campus professors. But much more serious, her activity catches the eye of an evil force that seems like the mirror image of her and her powers---but unmistakably evil.

I'm hooked!


  1. In Cogito said...
    I liked the post. I noticed you've got an Obama banner - we're going to be publishing an article on him soon, you should check it out.

    - In Cogito
    Lindsay said...
    Hey, thanks for the shout out!
    Glad you like my etching.
    Yeah, myartspace doesn't have all the solutions, but it's a pretty fun alternative.

    Thanks again,

    Daniel Owen said...
    Interesting blog. Tight, neat style. I've just started blogging (about writing and books) myself, so it's nice to see an ace looking blog out there.


    -- Daniel
    Patty said...
    this is interesting!
    mhr said...
    Thank you very much
    Kaizen said...
    its very informative post dude...keep going...

    how to improve my presentation skills

    Dee said...
    Myartspace looks good. I got sick of DA time ago so it would be nice to find an alternative. I'm not sure I like the name though.. they should have gone for something more original.
    Leah said...
    Aw, thanks for the shout-out Darth Granninator! I'll post more when my homeworks' done. :p
    Dash Snow said...
    The funny thing about www.myartspace.com is that since they been around several other art sites have popped up, like myartinfo, myartprofile. My guess is that they all hope for the success that myspace has had so they throw the 'my' in there. HEH.

    I do like myARTspace though. I think they will do a lot for students, look: http://www.myartscholarship.com/ apparently they plan to have scholarship competitions and the rumor is that they will be free to enter. That is not bad.

    As for myARTspace compared to deviantART, they can't be compared! deviantART was founded with good intentions, but now it has become just another million dollar ad site. They don't even allow members to delete their accounts because they want to keep a high membership for ad purposes. They let you take your work down, but the account remains their which is shifty if you ask me.

    Their membership numberd may very well be composed of thousands of accounts that are not active. I also think they buy press because they were called the "youtube for artists" in a recent article, but myARTspace and sites like Perpetual Art Machine had video capability long before deviantART. Again, shifty.

    You should check out the interviews as well, good source for students, www.myartspace.com/interviews

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