Exploring the Explorers

I recently posted about this photograph, The Explorers by Jennifer Zwick. Today I found a link to her "Explorers Blog" through Mrs. Tulip's Blog.

Three thoughts:

1. The blog is a great format for following the process and progress of individual projects.

2. In the digital age, the idea of 'planning' a photograph seems like such an antiquated notion. Much easier to snap a few thousand on your 2 GB memory card and pick the best, than take the time to plan and organize a single good one. Zwick's process can serve to illustrate what is becoming a forgotten art in itself- planning. The Explorers Blog provides a great opportunity to show how much organization, forethought, and effort can go into creating a single photograph.

3. Did you notice Zwick's t-shirt? Empire Strikes Back. Yeah, geek artists rock.


  1. spiralcattalks said...
    I agree, the blog is a great place to follow individual projects. The hard part can be actually getting on with the project. I love your blog, great title and my girlfriend loves this photo.
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    NightMyst3 said...


    Love the ...uh... shirt.


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