Lessig for Congress

draft lessig
It seems that the great civil libertarian and copyfighter, Professor Larry Lessig is considering a run for congress. His campaign alone would likely bring more attention to critical 21st century issues regarding participatory culture and net neutrality. You can follow the campaign to start the campaign at the Draft Lessig Blog.


  1. RattleSnake said...
    yeh it seems to be alot of avoiding those issues at hand that is very refreshing
    darkman said...
    Whats the connection with carrots?
    confused said...
    Ummm I have a question. As a fellow artist (as much as a 16 year old can be an artist). I was wondering what your personal political beliefs had to do with art. i.e why are making like Oprah and pushing Obama down our artistic throats?
    Think me ill-informed or naive all you want, just asking an honest question.
    Humberto said...
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    dsgran said...

    I don't think that at all, its a fair question, and I think you raise some interesting points. To these I'd respond:

    A) I've known some amazing and extraordinarily talented 16 year old artists, and a whole bunch younger as well.

    B) Personal political beliefs, to my mind, have everything to do with art. Art can be a powerful medium for communicating ideas, supporting causes, and critiquing society. A short aside - this blog is about art, but it's also about education, and for better or worse (and often worse) politics have a great deal to do with education.

    Thanks for your thoughts, confused!
    Water Filter Reviews said...
    Hopefully he can convince some change in congress. Especially the neutrality.

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