Artists for Obama

Recently, I posted about why Obama matters to art education - today I'm going to follow up that post to show how artists matter to Obama.

I don't believe there has been a politician in my lifetime who has been as inspirational as Obama, and the evidence can be seen in the outpouring of prObama artwork, from artists like Shepard Fairy and musicians like Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas. You can also find support from writers like Alice Walker and visionaries like Lawrence Lessig. Kristin Gorski, blogging at The Huffington Post points out a number of artists who are creating art to advocate and fundraise for Obama.

The Obama campaign is actively tapping this energy by approaching artists like The Mac, who says:

I think younger people, or creative people, see Obama as something different from the status quo, and someone who speaks for them. I mean, I don't exactly see Hillary or McCain supporting anything like this." Inspired by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha's socially conscious art, Mac designed his Obama poster to look "dignified, serious, presidential.

Another interesting point is how the internet provides this grass roots movement of artists new avenues to make far reaching political statements without any financial help:

Online connections and communities have created new venues and wider audiences for both artists and politicians. "I'm able to support myself as an artist partly because anyone from around the country or around the world can see my art and get a hold of me," says Mac. "Unless I was extremely lucky, rich, or maybe lived in New York City, I can't imagine that happening without the Web. It's helped level the playing field. It only makes sense that this new degree of information exchange should impact the political process."

The Obama has campaign has opened a Artists for Obama fundraising page on his website, and the first piece is a second beautiful limited edition print by Shepard Fairey. Here's a chance to donate to an important cause and get a great peice of art in return.


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