Your New Model

I read about this site on Drawn! a while ago, but it was all in Japanese. The only thing that I can understand in Japanese besides "hello" and "thank you" is "Where is the bus"? This leads to endless deep philosophical conversations with my Japanese friends in which I ask them to direct me towards a specific form of public transportation in a variety of contexts.

Anyway- Drawn! has now redirected my attention to Pose Maniacs because now their site is now in English, and its more fantastic than I realized.

The site allows you to choose from regularly updated three dimensional anatomical drawings to use for posing- it also allows you to shift these models around in space, and easily switch into 3D mode.  This little widget below, apparently will give you a new pose every day.

Next year, when I start teaching my foundations class, this will be a great resource for sketchbook assignments.  

All I can say is "Wow!", or as they say in Japanese, "Basu wo doku deska!"


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