I know what everyone wants: M&Ms with my face on it.

  Well, now that dream can be a reality, since M&M's Chocolate Candies tm will now custom make your drawing or photograph so that it doesn't melt in your hand. Might be a fun little fundraiser to put some of the student's work on chocolaty goodness!

If my friend Mr.Mond were an art teacher, he would recommend creating a lesson around thesebrilliant Classic Photos redone in Lego (such as this recreation of Marc Riboud's Vietnam war protest photo).   He'd also suggest having students create live action far side cartoons.  Not bad, Mond, maybe you should be an art teacher. I'm sure teaching English is great and all, but dude,print is dead!

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Hate to go off topic, but I could not find any contact info for you guys. You might want to look into the scholarship competition that www.myartspace.com just launched for art students. I learned about it on the Art Fag City blog Fresh Links section.


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