Learning 2.0 (08)

If you can't make it to Shanghai for our conference, you can still come to our virtual pre-conferences that Chris Smith has put together. Chris has done an amazing job at setting up a forum for our virtual conference on his even more impressive International Schools Island. If you have second life installed, clicking here will take you right to his island. If you don't use second life, Chris' Island alone is reason enough to get a virtual life there. He has all sorts of resources for teachers who are looking for ways to bring their students online in new and engaging ways. This is what he built:

Below you will find the dates, times, and events. I’d like to draw your attention especially to the third date, Sunday, September 14th. This event, one week before the “Real Life” conference will be an open forum for our Learning 2.008 Committee to meet and talk with participants. Note that this will be 9 PM Shanghai Time.

Dates (Sundays)

31st August : Alan Levine (CDB Barkley) and David Warlick (Suriawang Dapto)
7th September : Ewan McIntosh (Learning Loon) and David Warlick (Suriawang Dapto)
14th September : Organizer’s Open Forum


6:00am S.L. time (California)
9:00am New York time
2:00pm UK time
5:00pm Dubai time
8:00pm Bangkok time
9:00pm Hong Kong/China time

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