Dalek Invasion!

No, its not the new season of Doctor Who, it was our Learning 2.0(08 Pre) Conference in Second Life.

The 'griefers' (as they are known in Second Life) tried to upset our conversation by creating hordes of invading daleks, what might have been giant blenders, and more. I have to give great credit to Ewen McIntosh who went right on describing the Learning and Technology Futures in Scotland as a dancing naked female avatar attempted to distract us.

In the end, the unflinching host Chris Smith chalked it up to a great learning opportunity. He was able to isolate which participants were the griefers and boot them from the island- and we all agreed it was lucky that students can't cause Daleks, blenders, and nudists to spontaneously appear in the classroom.

The session finished with Chris showing off some of the great educational tools from his collection at International Schools Island.

Our final SL Pre-conference last night included a tour of the island and a great discussion of some of the other tools that can be used in Second Life. If you're coming to the conference next weekend, don't miss Chris' session about Second Life and Education. Hope to see you there!


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