Chris Smith is presenting about his amazing International Schools Island in second life, taking his audience on a bit of a virtual tour. Chris has singlehandedly created the most comprehensive cataloging of educational resources in Second LIfe.

Chris is showing us different locations throughout SL- including a place where chips (french fries, americans) and hamburgers go to dance, an ESL classroom, and a Star-Trek inspired holo-deck for doing roll play for ESL lessons.

Machinema - making virtual movies in second life. Students can create movies, and create their own locations, characters and plot. They're not limited by setting or budget!

Open Croquet- a closed 3D environment schools can run.

Teen Grid- Teachers need to gain special permission through a police check to gain access to teen grid to set up an educational island.


  1. rebecca said...
    I took a grad class over the summer in which we looked at some of the educational opportunities available on Second Life. It totally blew my mind! I had no idea there were so many cool things on SL. I will have to check out this presentation. Not sure I'm ready to spend that much time on SL, yet, but it's good to know it's there.
    dsgran said...
    Hey Becky- yeah, I first went on about a year ago, and have slowly started going back. Right now I'm more interested in the potential, than how it is currently being used educationally. There are still some barriers to overcome.

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