Last year I was able to blog about all the fantastic speakers who came to the Learning 2.0 conference as it happened. This year there was too much happening behind the scenes, and I was involved in too many sessions to really manage this feat a second time. I did have some fantastic conversations with people in sessions, in hallways, over lunch, and in passing. I got to connect with a few IB Film teachers (including Breen O'Reilly, from International School of Beijing, whose name comes up as a person I just must talk to whenever I mention that I've just started teaching IB Film). They gave me great tips, useful advice, and built confidence that I'm taking my first IB class in a positive direction. I'm excited that fellow U-tech-tipper, Tod Baker will be helping us expand our film festival all the way up in Tianjin, and David Crawford from the British International School will be helping us in Shanghai (and hopefully mentor me in the Jedi art of ins and outs of the IB). I've had lots of teachers who I hadn't met before come up to me and talk excitedly about starting film festivals or getting involved with ours.

I started my final session, "Art Ed 2.0: Collaborative Art Projects Online" by discussing how the internet is changing the nature of collaboration and exposure in art. How one of my key colleagues in developing projects and discussing new ideas (and gave me a lot of great tips for the presentation) has been Craig Roland - someone who I not only don't work with, but someone I have never met. Oh - I would totally have started with the photo at left if I had noticed it on his blog just two hours ago. Anyway, he, and many of the other teachers on Art Ed 2.0 are an essential part of my personal learning network.

In this session, I talked about various projects (including the Rotoball project - which I'll just plug again here because I can) - that students have been involved in , could get involved in, or could be models for other kinds of collaborative projects.

You can find links to all of the projects, sites, and tools that I discussed here.

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