We're just about to start streaming the keynotes of the Learning 2.0(08). We're going with a "TED Talks on Crack" style- each of our presenters has just 10 minutes to kickoff our conference. 7PM Shanghai time, 7AM EST. You can get the live stream watch the recorded video at U-Tech-TV, or just sit back and watch it here at the revolution:

Stream videos at Ustream

I have to say, each of our keynotes was fantastic- I was moved by Brian Crosby's presentation about skyping in his student with Lukemia, inspired by David Warlick and David Jakes putting-things-into-historical-perspective presentations, fascinated by Alan Levine and Clarence Fischer's discussions of connected communities, and was re-motivated by Jeff Utecht's call to take control of our own learning at the conference.

I'll tell you- I have been wiped out by working on this conference, the film festival, a little stomach bug I picked up on my return to Shanghai, and (of course) teaching - but these speakers tonight have re-energized me for the next 48 hours of 2.0 greatness.


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