Hohot Photos

A master calligrapher, preparing his writing brush in his second-floor studio. Master Weng, a former teacher of Chinese literature, has been executing calligraphic work for almost eighty years. Even now, at the age of ninety three, he still produces several pieces a day. In this short visit to his studio, he completed five large-scale pieces in under five minutes, writing at a speed that would put men two generations younger than him to shame.
You get so much back when you share stuff online. I got a nice comment on one of my photos from our trip to Inner Mongolia from Emyr R. E. Pugh, a photographer who said that he knew the guy in my picture. So I looked at his photostream and found a whole bunch of gorgeous portraits from Hohot, the capital where I did indeed take that picture.   Our students are on break this week, but we'll be taking a look at his photos when we get back.  


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