Narrative Photography

It is no accident that you are reading this... These marks are my thoughts, and although I do not know who you are reading this now, in some way the lines of our lives have intersected... For the length of these few sentences, we meet here.

It is no accident that you are reading this. This moment has been waiting for you, I have been waiting for you. Remember me.

-Duane Michaels
Tomorrow we're starting a unit on narrative photography in my digital photography class, and so we're naturally covering Duane Michaels and Cindy Sherman. I also thought we'd give a quick nod to some of the newer work of Annie Liebowitz who has explored some narrative in her recreations of scenes from various Disney movies, The Wizard of Oz, and a few Hitchcock films (a bit of an odd trilogy, don't you think?).

The Wizard of Oz series by the way, features a host of contemporary artists, including Chuck Close, John Currin, Jasper Johns, Kiki Smith.  We'll also explore The Explorers (mentioned here before) as a fine example of the preparation that can go into setting up a good photograph, from initial drawing to set construction, to lighting, to shooting. 
I'd love to find some more examples though, to share with the students over the next week.  Got any good ideas for narrative photography?  Want to share them in the comments...?

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  1. craigr said...
    Look at Maggie Taylor. In particular, I'm thinking of her recent series based on "Alice in Wonderland."-Craig

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