Anything is Possible

A former student of mine just sent me this great quote from a Michael Moore Message on Facebook:

We may, just possibly, also see a time of refreshing openness, enlightenment and creativity. The arts and the artists will not be seen as the enemy. Perhaps art will be explored in order to discover the greater truths. When FDR was ushered in with his landslide in 1932, what followed was Frank Capra and Preston Sturgis, Woody Guthrie and John Steinbeck, Dorothea Lange and Orson Welles. All week long I have been inundated with media asking me, "gee, Mike, what will you do now that Bush is gone?" Are they kidding? What will it be like to work and create in an environment that nurtures and supports film and the arts, science and invention, and the freedom to be whatever you want to be? Watch a thousand flowers bloom! We've entered a new era, and if I could sum up our collective first thought of this new era, it is this:

Anything Is Possible.

-Michael Moore
(italics mine).

Photos courtesy of the New York Times.


  1. Rebecca Burch said...
    Can you believe this?!?!?!?!? I am still just completely in awe... so emotionally raw that THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED that I burst into tears (happy ones!) every time I see hope coming across peoples faces like frost melting off windows.

    It's a new day!!!! What a great time to be American! And thanks for the great quote. I might have to gank it for my own blog (but I'll give you credit.)
    dsgran said...
    Thanks for the comment Becky. Yes, as we're on the 'other side' of the world, we got to watch this with in the auditorium with our classes in the middle of the day, streaming live over CNN online.

    Talk about your connected communities!

    And yes- I have to admit, some of the students were surprised to see me shed some tears myself- especially because a lot of the younger ones I think don't realize the amazing implications of this election -and because i never cry in class, unless someone steals the chocolate out of my desk....

    And yes of course- gank away. Blogging communities are all about the ganking ;)


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