Question: Why am I such a sucker for nostalgia?  

Better question: Will any of my students care as much about this cool re-imagining of 1970s technology in the digital-conceptual age?  

Answer:  I don't care. I have a polaroid camera on my desktop!

Mac users can download Poladriod - a neat little free application that will transform any photo into a 'polaroid' type image. Windows users will have to wait on this one, a PC version is in development. I'm not sure why stuff like this fascinates me, when it something that could be pretty easily done in photoshop, but hey, there are no rules to govern 'fun'.

...and in Photoshop, you can't watch the picture "develop" on your desktop. You can even "shake" the photograph to make it develop faster!

Here's an example of a photo I took on the field trip to Moganshan Lu - Poladrized:


  1. frank said...
    I agree David. For some reason, I am a total sucker for photos from the 70s. I love their faintness, white borders and how their square!
    Tim Bray said...
    Let's face it, this is just a very cool application whether or not our students understand why it is so cool. Thanks for share... I'm downloading it now. When I saw it on your computer at the conference, I knew I would have it for myself in the near future.

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