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You may have noticed an overabundance of Obama photography posts here this year. While I do intend this blog to be more of a 'pu pu platter' of art education links, I do find myself looking for more photo links this year now that I'm teaching photography for the first time in eight years (and in case you were wondering, no one actually sells 'pu pu platters' in China).

So here's a short and sweet and sour (sorry I must be hungry today- but in case you were wondering you can get sweet and sour foods here, and its a bit better than the candy-tasting junk in American Chinese restaurants) post. I found this on a forum at Digital Photography School. Stated as an equation:

Toilet Paper + Flash = Cheap Solution + Diffused light.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Hi Guys!

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    arstionu said...
    The toilet paper idea is funny and great - once on a party I used the same idea with my Canon SpeedLite flash - just frapped some toilet paper arround it, and it worked great as a diffuser and as an attraction for subject matter on the photos :)

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