Get Behind Quincy

So, apparently Quincy Jones made a statement that the first thing he'll say to President Obama when he sees him, is that there needs to be a Secretary of the Arts position in his administration. Unfortunately, the US is sadly behind other countries that already have cabinet-level cultural and arts leaders. Art Teacher Donna Cummins brought this online petition to support Jones' idea back to my attention. To be honest, I'm a little skeptical of online petitions- I'm not sure what they amount to. However, I think there's a good argument for signing it:
(a) it couldn't hurt.
(b) its currently the most signed petition on petitiononline.com, so it already has a lot of momentum.
(c) the Obama administration has made it clear that it values the new form of interactive civic participation that the internet fosters. If any administration would respond to an online petition, its this one.

Thanks Donna!


  1. Patricia said...
    I received from a friend in NY yesterday and was dubious but there is an article about it in the Washington Post today...so I guess that it wouldn't hurt to sign it...
    Dad said...
    For counterpoint, listen to this report on NPR
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