I Touch Art

I'd love to get an iPhone, but you still need to hack it to get it to work in China, and I have no desire to pay 70 clams a month for the AT&T service that I can't even use. So I got the next best thing, the iTouch (which is on sale at Costco for a few dollars under the advertised price and it also comes with a two year warranty which costs extra at the apple store- just FYI).

I've spent some time over the last few days scouring the internet for some good art and education related applications. Here's what I've got so far:

Random Pose: This website of anatomically correct models mentioned here before now has its own iApplication. This is terrific for doing a little sketching as it updates with a new pose whenever you connect.

Remote Pad: Turn your iPhone / iTouch into a remote for your computer and control the mouse from a distance. This sounds like a nice teaching tool.

Magic iBall: Its the Magic 8 Ball in the 21st century. Not really an education app, but a useful tool for giving a student an indirect answer when they ask how they've done on a project you haven't graded yet.

Oh come on, that would be funny.

Art Lite: Keep some examples of the masters in your pocket. There are slideshows of Van Gogh, Picasso, Michaelangelo, DaVinci and a few others. There are also some games and quizzes. Not quite a necessity for your app lineup, but potentially useful if you need to pull out a copy of the Mona Lisa to examine on short notice.
Brushes: I actually didn't download any painting programs because I doubted the usefulness of any drawing app that relied on dragging my clumsy fingers across a small two inch screen. However, I've just stumbled across this post on Drawn about Disney artist Stef Kardos' iphone painting flickr set. Consider me converted. Here's an example:
LinkMovie Maker: If I had an iPhone, I'd give this app a try- using the still camera on the iphone you can easily create stop motion videos. Similarly, Juxtaposer looks like a fun way to play around with your photos, although I'd probably opt for just uploading my photos to a computer and using photoshop.

Lie Detector Advanced: So the goldfish ate your homework sketches? Would you care to put that to the test?

Any suggestions for other apps that I'm missing or forgetting?


  1. artist said...
    well this touch art is really very good.
    your loving wife said...
    I'm surprised you didn't include the light sabor applications. That could be used as a teaching tool for sure!

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