Hello Gentle Readers,
Although not entirely new to the art scene, nor the teaching scene, I am new to the combination. My name is Bethany Waggoner and I am currently student teaching in high school art in Anchorage, Alaska. Most of my prior teaching experience involved teaching ESL to foreigners, and my art experience involved watercolors. This year I am learning how to teach all sorts of art to high schoolers. My mentor teacher and I teach an art curriculum that covers it all – drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and metalwork. Some of it I have little to no experience in (metalwork?) but I’m having fun learning! How great to realize that my art degree wasn’t useless after all, and that somehow I’m going to end up having one of the most fun jobs in the world! I am working hard though, I’m in a one year MAT program where I student teach through the whole year while taking classes. This year is extremely busy for me, but I am thankful for my youthful energy and passion that make this craziness possible. I’m also thankful to Mr. Gran for allowing me to contribute to this awesome site. Good to meet you all.


  1. dsgran said...
    Hi Bethany! Thanks for posting your introduction- looking forward to reading your fresh perspectives on teaching here.
    Lantzvillager said...
    How great to have another voice at the Revolution. Welcome!

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